If you have a closet at home, lighting is a very important thing for it: without it organization is much more difficult and you won’t want to get dressed in such a gloomy space. Finding practical ways to light a closet is always a challenge, regardless of its dimensions. Here are some cool practical ideas that you can use for your closet.
  1. LED lights. Its subtle, practical and energy-efficient, not to mention that this way each shelf will be illuminated individually, a great plus, especially for those at the bottom of the closet.
  2. Chandeliers. A chandelier would look glamorous and elegant but this idea works only for closets that are big enough.
  3. Track lighting. If you have an attic closet, install track lighting to accentuate the shape of the roof and the architecture of the space.
  4. Accent lighting. Instead of illuminating your shelves from behind, try positioning the accent lighting in front so that the light create a soft and warm effect.
  5. Dimmers. Use dimmers in tricky spaces to give your closet a warm glow, the main advantage is that they let you adjust the intensity of the light.


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